Today I explored Great Falls Park with a few of my favorites.  Since the days are getting hot and sunny over here, we decided to spend the afternoon hiking.

We spent over three hours walking along the trails, climbing over rocks, watching the dogs play and swim, and talking.  It was over 80 degrees and it was humid!  The day was absolutely perfect and now I have a very tired puppy.

What I really enjoy about this park is that there is a trail for everyone.  For the most part, the trails are flat.  We stuck mainly to River Trail which was a bit more rocky, as it strung along the edge of the river.  On the way back towards the car we were on Old Carriage Road which was entirely flat and made of fine gravel.  There are definitely trails to take kids on ( if you’ve got them ) or more difficult running or biking trails if you’re more interested in a workout.

There was also a wide open grass area with picnic tables and grills for those who want to make a day of it.  Since the day was so nice, there were many families here who hiked the trails and stayed after for lunch.  Around this area was the most crowded, but as soon as you picked a trail and headed away from the picnics and parking there were far less people around.


The banks along the Potomac River in Great Falls Park were either large rocks, sand, or entirely of shells.



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Don’t forget to look up!


We are currently on the hunt for other hikes around the area.  Especially as the days get nicer we are going to want to explore more outdoors!  Do any of you know of any parks or hikes in the area that you think we must see?  Let me know in the comments below!

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