One of the best things to do while in Reykjavik is to visit the tallest building in all the land: the  hallgrímskirkja church.  It’s the easiest thing to spot, as it’s one of few buildings that are more than just a few stories high!  It sits at the end of one of the main streets in downtown Reykjavik.

The architecture is outstanding, and makes this building a true landmark for the city.  While I was visiting, people gathered around to take endless photos of the facade.  It’s unique shape and design makes it a focal point and it seems like the city takes shape around it.  I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to get myself to the top to see the view!  It was easy enough to do: just take the elevator to the top floor then go up a flight of stairs to reach the best view of downtown Reykjavik!

hallgrímskirkja Church hours:

October – May: 0900-1700

June – September: 0900-2100

Cost: ISK 900

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