Considering that my all-time favorite movie is The Sound of Music, I was little short of ecstatic when I knew there was a possibility that I could be biking all over Salzburg to see the filming locations.

Maybe I was naive, but I didn’t book this bike tour in advance.  In retrospect, I definitely should have, especially considering that we only had two days in the city.  At 9 AM, we showed up to the departing location to see if we could fit into the morning tour.  With a forecast of rain in the mid to late afternoon, it seemed that everyone wanted to get their tour done in the sunshine.  After being put on the ( extensive ) waiting list, we just barely missed going on the morning tour.

So we turned up for the 4 PM tour with the knowledge that we more than likely will get rained on at some point.  Fortunately for us, we were able to make this tour even though we were on the waiting list again!  As it had already been sprinkling on-and-off, they even provided us with ponchos in an attempt to keep us dry.  But nothing could rain on my parade!

As soon as we were on our way, it began to rain.  It would pour and then stop.  Pour and stop.  Since the weather was so unpredictable, we weren’t able to take photos with the DSLR camera, as we didn’t want to risk damaging it.  Nevertheless, off we went!

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We began our tour by stopping at Mirabell Gardens, which is one of the most beautiful spots in Salzburg.  It was here that Maria and the children sang “Do-Re-Mi” whist marching around the fountain, running through a tunnel made of bushes, and bopping a dwarf statue on the head.

We also made a stop at Felsenreitschule, which is where the von Trapp family performed their final farewell songs.  Right outside this performance hall is the gateway that Rolf walks though after showing Liesel his allegiance to the Third Reich.  We rode our bikes though it!

Next ( after we casually biked past the oldest known restaurant in Europe ) we visited Residenzplatz, which is the square where Maria sings “I Have Confidence in Me” and splashes water from the fountain.  Of course I had to imitate it!  It is also the square where there is an aerial view of soldiers marching though later in the film.

During our 15 minute break, Derek and I opted to explore St. Peter’s Cemetery.  This was where the escape scenes were filmed!  The von Trapp family crouched behind large headstones throughout the cemetery.

We then biked up a giant hill and around the corner was Nonnberg Abbey.  They used the entrance several times throughout the film.  It used to have the bell like it shows in the movie, but after the film made it’s debut, they had to remove it because too many people would ring it ( not that I blame them )!

We slowly made our way around Hohensalzburg Castle and eventually stopped across the lake from the Leopoldskron Palace.  This was the place they used for the lakeside facade of the von Trapp residence.  The pavilion used to reside on the grounds, but was moved to a separate location.  The view across the water was astounding, the picture truly doesn’t do it justice.

We then biked over to Frohnburg Palace, which was used as the front facade of the von Trapp residence.  Now it is being used as a school!

The pavilion was our final stop.  It’s located down a long tree-lined road from the Frohnburg Palace.  It was moved from it’s original location to a local park, which makes it easily accessible to everyone now.  This is, of course, where the famous songs “I am 16 Going on 17” and “Something Good” were sang during the movie.

And that was a wrap!  Even though we fought torrential downpour throughout the bike tour, we were so thrilled to be there that it didn’t matter to us if it rained or shined.  As we biked between each destination, we listened to songs from the movie, explored more of Salzburg, and ended up with a great story to tell.

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