Each time I visit a city, I’m always on the lookout for that one restaurant where I have to go back and try the food again because it’s that good.  The one that you look forward to every time you come back.

In San Diego, California, that restaurant is called The Neighborhood.

Derek and I were shown this restaurant by a local, and we would’ve never found it otherwise!  This place is absolutely mouth-watering, and you would be missing out on some truly spectacular food ( and drinks! ) if you don’t go.

You’re welcome.


The restaurant is located on the border of the Gaslamp District and East Village.  So it’s right downtown and is within walking distance of a bunch of shopping, bars, and just about everything else.  It sits right on the corner and has a parking lot ( which you do have to pay for ) conveniently across the street.

My first impression: hole-in-the-wall.  It’s a place you could easily overlook.  It isn’t super flashy.

That’s not their style.

They have a few disclaimers posted outside as you wait for your table:


No hostess, no Budweiser

No Redbull, no Grey Goose

No ketchup

We are not cool, we are not pretentious a**holes, we just care.  We are your friends.  Welcome!

The tables and menus even have character.


The table read:  “Please don’t sit on my face.”

The menu’s read:  “These are the things we make” and “These are the things you drink.”

As soon as I noticed that they served burgers, but no ketchup, I knew I’d have to try one to see why they were so confident.

And oh.  My.  Gosh.

I ordered the black bean burger.  Not because I am a vegetarian, but because I hadn’t had one before.  The waiter said it was a popular choice, so I decided to give it a go.  For my side, I chose sweet potato fries.

And they were right!  The burger was perfectly crafted, it wasn’t necessary to add other flavors.

Our friend lead us to the back hallway, which had a door to the kitchen, a door to each of the men’s and ladies’ bathrooms, and a wall of stacked kegs.

“Alright, find the door.”

I had NO idea what he was talking about.  After assuming he must have meant a door other than the obvious ones, we gave the wall of kegs a solid push, it swung inward on hinges!  It lead to this:


I didn’t know what on earth I should order that I would like.  I explained my concerns to the mixologist who was taking care of us, and she simply asked what I normally drank.  She made me a drink that she thought would be similar to my tastes, and she was right.  She made me a lemon-flavored drink with gin.  Delicious!

Even their ice is unique.

Instead of ice taking up half of the drink ( which isn’t unusual ), the ice came in one tall stalk.  It still kept the drink nice and cold but prevented a great deal of condensation.

Needless to say, after such a positive experience, it was impossible not to return again during our stay.  I am so looking forward to returning again soon once I am back on the West Coast.

You can take a look at their menu and drinks here.

location: 777 G St. San Diego CA 92101

hours: 11:30AM-1:30AM

phone: (619)446-0002

Like I said, you’re welcome.

( While my opinion may not coincide with others’, it is always my own. )


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