If you find yourself in London with too little time ( like me on this short 24 hour trip ) trying to decide what to do and what you can save for next time can be a bit overwhelming.  But never fear!  I am here to help you decide what to pass on and what you need to make sure you do on you visit to London.  If ( like most people ) you have a longer stay in this wonderful city, then I am here to reiterate what I’m sure you’ve already planned on doing anyway.  Without further ado, I give you:

The three things in London that you shouldn’t miss out on!



But did you really go to London if you don’t have a photo of Big Ben to prove it?  Westminster, while quite touristy, is that way for a reason.  It’s set right in the heart of London along the Thames River and is best known for Big Ben, the London Eye and the red hop-on hop-off buses rolling around every corner.  There’s plenty of restaurants and shops scattered in this area, so you really could spend all day losing yourself in the heart of London!



While I always love being in the city, it’s nice to have a place to go and escape the craziness. Hyde Park does just that!  It’s the largest park in London and covers 625 acres.  The park is  full of trees, several lakes and fountains, and plenty of unusual sculptures everywhere you look.  You’ll see plenty of runners making their way through the park, more than enough dogs, and plenty of space for everyone.  Also make sure to pay a visit to Kensington Palace, which is situated at the far end of the park.



I know I’ve raved about Caffe Forum already, but just in case you were confused you need to make sure you make a stopover at this restaurant!  Amazing food in a suburb location with plenty of pleasant people to make sure you leave happier than when you came.

What places in London could you not miss?  Let me know so I can visit them next time I go!

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