Okay, a little bit of an explanation is in order.

For the past several months I have been MIA and now I can finally say why!  I have been in training to be a flight attendant ( eeeeep! ) so if you ever fly Delta Air Lines and see me, feel free to give me a hug and tell me you love my lipstick!  I wear lipstick now, I’m such a lady.


I was busy for over seven weeks to complete my training in Atlanta, Georgia, and I am now out on the line and working.  While the training was quite rigorous, I am super excited to travel as my full-time job and as my hobby.  The best part about this means I am able to travel even more now.  Both while I am working and when I’m not!

So now that the silence is broken, I am coming back to writing, editing, filming, and giving this my full attention.  Because this is what I love most.  Traveling, writing, sharing, inspiring and living.

Ready or not… here I come!


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