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My bridal party and myself just traveled to central Oregon to celebrate my bachelorette weekend.  Central Oregon is one of my favorite places in the entire world because it offers so much.  There’s a great deal of hiking, floating, boating, shopping, eating, and adventuring to be had in this region, and I had every intention to take full advantage of it all.  I wasn’t sure what they had planned, but I knew if my sister’s had any say in it, I’d be sure to have a great time.

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The most memorable activity was unanimously decided:  we rented a Cycle Pub bike in Bend, Oregon.  Essentially, this is a giant six-person table on a bike.  You can take two growlers of beer/cider/wine with you and drink as you go on a pub crawl through downtown.  What.  A.  Blast.

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We hit four pubs throughout the city while blasting some music as we went.  Our happiness was infectious; people were cheering us on as we pedaled past, taking our photo, and wanting to join the fun.

The driver you get during something like this is so crucial!  They are so in love with their jobs and it makes your time that much more enjoyable.  Our driver was a blast!  He had so much attitude, sass, and excitement and truly made the trip.

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Even if you aren’t wanting to drink, it’s a blast to do with your friends.  It’s like being allowed to drink on a bike tour!  Especially in a town like Bend where breweries and pubs are an integral part of the city, it really is a great way to experience it in the most efficient way.

It is an experience that I highly recommend!

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