If you asked me a year ago where I thought I would travel as a flight attendant, I would have listed hundreds of places, but none of them would have been Iceland.  I must say – I never thought in a million years that I would go to Iceland but I am so happy I did!  It’s been my favorite layover so far – and it’ll be easy for you to see why!

Once I landed ( and after a quick nap! ) I decided to hop on the bus and go on the Golden Circle Tour with Reykjavik Excursions Kynnisferðir.  If I’m being honest, I didn’t even know what sights I’d be seeing!  Two fellow flight attendants expressed interest in going, so I tagged along.  Best.  Decision.  Ever.

The first stop on the Golden Circle tour was to Geysir and small surrounding hot springs.  And yes, that is how it’s spelled!  Geysir was the first geyser described in printed works and the english form of the word ( geyser ) derives from this particular one.  This geyser isn’t near as active as it used to be, but still does erupt from time to time.


This geothermal area isn’t just known for Geysir.  Strokkur is another geyser that is a mere 30 meters away, which shot between 40-60 feet and even over 100 feet into the air every few minutes!


The second stop on the tour was to a giant waterfall called Gulfoss.  It’s located in a canyon along the Hvítá river and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen.  Once you pull up to the visitor center, it’s a short walk to the canyon where you can view Gulfoss from above.  If you want a bit of a more interactive visit, you can walk right up and quite literally into the waterfall.  It’s hard to stay dry when you get that close, the mist never stops!


The third and final stop of the tour was to the continental divide, called þingvellir.  This is where the North American and Eurasia tectonic plates are slowly pulling apart.  The rock formations looked haphazardly stacked and were coated in layers of green.  It looked like we had been transported to a different world.  For all of you Game of Thrones watchers out there, this is where some of the scenes are filmed!



I cannot say enough good things about this tour company.  The buses were clean, provided free wifi, and the tour guide was full of information.  He could speak intelligently about anything Icelandic, from folklore about trolls to their unique horses on the island.  I would definitely recommend!

Over to you!  Where is one place in the world that you’d love to see?!

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