Venice was one of the cities that I was most anxious to get to.  It has long been on my “top ten cities to visit before I die,” and since I was alive and well I could barely sleep ( in our sleeper train compartment! ) the night before.  As we pulled in at 7:30 in the morning, I knew I was already in love with this city I had never seen.


The first thing we did after we deposited our bags at our hotel was to grab a map.  This was both very useful and very useless, we came to find.  As the city has so many alleyways sprawled across the map, we vowed to only use it if we got too turned around that we couldn’t find our way or to help us get back to our hotel before nightfall.


One of the best parts about Venice is that you don’t really have to have a plan.  You can wander in any direction and you know you will stumble across something fascinating around every corner.  It might be a colorful building, a line of someone’s washing hung out to dry, or a cluttered shop bursting with any tourist item you could ever want.

The canals twist and turn and it is more than easy to lose your way.  But never fear – half the fun of visit Venice is getting lost in it.


Even though it might be the most tourist-y part of Venice, San Marco Square truly can’t go unnoticed.  No matter which way you turn in the square, the architecture is outstanding.

Basilica de San Marco

We made our way to the top of the campanile ( or the bell tower ) in San Marco Square and it was a just a tad bit windy but the views were unreal.



Not too far from San Marco Square was two famous bridges: the Bridge of Sighs and the Ponte dell’accademia, one of only four bridges to span the width of the Grand Canal.

Bridge of Sighs
Bridge of Sighs
Ponte dell'accademia
Ponte dell’accademia

Time seemed to go faster than I would have liked it to when I was there.  I never got tired of wandering through the canals ( though perhaps my feet did! ) and finding my way back to a familiar door or waterway.  Most of our time was spent walking, but neither of us minded.  The more we walked the more we saw, and I think we were both more than okay with that.

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