Whenever I head to a oceanside city, my first question is: “where’s the beach?!”  Since I don’t live in a city where I have easy access to the coast, I always like to take advantage of them when I can!  But how do I choose which one to venture to?

There are so many to choose from in San Diego, so I put together this guide to five of the public beaches in San Diego so you can easily choose the one that tickles your fancy!  Let’s start with the most northern beach and work our way south.



Del Mar is situated just north of San Diego and is arguably my favorite beach.  The trick to this beach is to avoid the overcrowded/tourist area.  Instead of traveling and parking near the main area of the beach, opt for some sand just a bit further south.  Just park along the residential part of the street by the railroad tracks and climb down the hillside to the beach.  Here, you will be virtually undisturbed.  Only the occasional runner or walker will bother you here!



La Jolla beach is a one mile strech of pristine sandy beach adjacent to the La Jolla Ecological Reserve.  This is the beach I choose when I want a great meal and/or drinks afterwards.  There’s a bunch of cute little boutiques, shops and restaurants around every corner.  Make sure you take time to sneak over to La Jolla cove and spot the seals and sea lions!



This is the beach to go to if you’d like a never-ending list of fun activities!  Right along the sandbar that is Mission Beach is San Diego’s beachfront amusement park, Belmont Park.  Inside the park is a roller coaster, rock climbing, mini golf and more!  You can also rent bicycles or rollerblades nearby to enjoy then entire coast line.



Coronado beach is another one of my favorites.  This beach is quite deep and wide, which allows for everyone to spread out and enjoy without sitting two feet away from strangers.  During the day, there’s always plenty of space ( and people ) but at night is one of my favorite times to go too.  At night, you can light a fire in one of the fire pits and make s’mores!



This beach is arguably the quietest of all of San Diego’s beaches.  The slow-moving beach has a pier that extends over the water and is a great fishing spot.  Even though this spot stays pretty quiet, the events can easily liven it up!  The U.S. Open Sand Castle Building Contest is held here each year and has been going strong for 31 years!

To be honest, you really can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose!  All of these beaches offer an amazing sunset, perfect weather, and an overall great time in Southern California.

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